Quoin Advisors has a global team of seasoned experts who take a forward-looking, entrepreneurial approach steeped in traditional wisdom. We offer fluid options based on ground-breaking advancements that maximize return on investment for our clients, partners, and shareholders worldwide.

Champions of Our Partners’ Interests

Since 2004, we have provided investment banking through collaborative leadership in financial strategy and execution with Fortune 500 corporations, financial institutions, asset managers, pension funds, municipalities, and startups. We combine large bank experience with entrepreneurial drive to achieve optimal outcomes.

From capital raises and IPOs to financial restructuring and M&A, we offer customized, hands-on guidance and advocacy through every transition. As champions of our partners’ interests, we look deep into the workings of your culture and operations to understand and articulate your true power and potential, from initial valuation through the seamless execution of complex transactions.

With headquarters in Philadelphia, we are an independent, certified minority business enterprise (MBE) that provides the full scope of investment banking services with an excellent reputation for results, period.

Diversity Outperforms, Consistently

We bring our cumulative skills and backgrounds to benefit companies that don’t necessarily fit the mold of the giant investment banks. We use our industry relationships, specialized experience, and respect for diversity to recognize and maximize the value of opportunities that others overlook. Quoin is founded by global citizens, many of whom are culturally aligned with the African continent. There is an understanding of the global communities connected to the region’s high caliber of cultural diversity and inclusion.

Although Quoin has enjoyed a long track record of success, we do not rest on the laurels of past successful achievements. We stay focused on opening doors to new possibilities by believing in people – all kinds of people.


To be the investment bank that grows prosperous, equitable businesses and communities around the world.


Relationships – Understanding and championing the goals and interests of those we serve.
Innovation – Combining analysis with instinct to leverage game-changing opportunities.
Diversity – Recognizing unique experiences and perspectives yield resilient, resourceful teams.
Shared Prosperity – Realizing growth through mutual respect, dedication and teamwork.