In this, Quoin Advisors is unmatched. Many of our senior executives and board members are culturally aligned with the continent and, in addition to their years of experience with some of the top investment banks and hedge funds in the world, bring to the company experience and expertise spanning the continent from Cairo to Johannesburg. This makes us the world’s foremost experts not only in institutional and financial know-how but also in more elusive make-or-break expertise like cultural knowledge and risk assessment.

From Cairo to Johannesburg, Quoin Advisors leadership has worked with governments and ministries, founded major African investment and merchant banks, and even argued before the Nigerian supreme court.

For clients ranging from governments, to institutional investors, to high net-worth individuals, only Quoin can offer this kind of specialized guidance on all levels of doing business in the African diaspora.


Malcolmn D. Pryor, Managing Director
  • Co-founder and Chairman of Pryor, Govan, Counts & Co. Inc., where he led financings for the African Development Bank
  • Founding and current shareholder of the African Export Import Bank Cairo, Egypt
  • Founding shareholder of Ghana Home Loan company Accra Ghana, and the Merchant Bank of East Africa, based in Kampala Uganda
  • Founding shareholder and Director of the National Merchant Bank of Zimbabwe
  • CEO of the Southern Africa Enterprise Development Fund, Johannesburg, South Africa
Felix I. Odigie, Managing Director
  • Led multiple investments in FinTech and Banks Assets and Transactions in West and East Africa
  • Investor in manufacturing and Oil & Gas sector verticals in Nigeria
  • Advisor to multiple Africa focused investment funds
Jack Namvou, Managing Director
  • Co-founder of Agrifa International LTD, an Agro-Allied company based in Nigeria
  • Founder of Jasmine Farms SARL, a fully integrated agricultural
    business based in Cameroon
  • Advised and led several Africa focused venture based transactions
Dr. Oludare Odumosu, Non-Executive Director
  • Experienced with the development and implementation of product design and scale up on the African continent
  • Held key advisory roles in several African multinational startups
  • Managed investments in the export of agriculture and agricultural commodities
Osagie Imasogie, Non-Executive Chairman
  • Established the Central Clearing House of the Nigerian Stock Exchange
  • Price Waterhouse Partner-in-Charge of West Africa for Corporate Finance Advisory Services and Information Technology
  • Barrister & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria
  • Led transactions funded by the African Development Bank
  • Advisory Board of the African Healthcare Fund
  • Investor in manufacturing & export based Nigerian businesses
Abeeb O. Adebayo, Associate Director
  • Worked with two Discount Houses in Nigeria with the responsibility of managing intermediaries between the Central Bank of Nigeria and the financial institutions
  • Advised private businesses in Africa on potential IPOs, capital raisings and capital restructuring
  • Invested in and managed a portfolio of assets across financial services, consumer goods and technology sectors in Anglophone West Africa
Alexander Zaghloul, Business Development Associate
  • Conducted research and prepared background materials on West and East African countries as part of the Milken Institute’s developing economy advisory practice
  • Assisted the Milken Institute’s capital market development practice in Nigeria by facilitating discussions on future-flow securitization among local and international investment banks and local regulators
A map of Africa, representing Quoin Capital's global trade management services

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