Taming the new frontier of the crypto capital market virtual gold rush.

There’s been no shortage of speculation since cryptocurrency exploded into the public consciousness and transformed the way we think about the global economy. Quoin Advisors has successfully navigated enough cycles in crypto capital market and related industries to know that excitement often outpaces objective knowledge and informed action in the marketplace.

Quoin Advisor’ background in blockchain, cybersecurity, and technology helps us cut through the hype to assess real value and structure opportunities based on real-world fundamentals. Invest in crypto with deep knowledge.

Invest in Crypto with Deep Knowledge

Industries / Cryptocurrency + Blockchain

A 2020 global survey of almost 1,500 companies found that more than half consider blockchain to be at the top of their list of strategic priorities.

The finite nature of this new resource is already causing increased urgency among institutions, corporations, and individual investors.

As acceptance and adoption grow across many sectors of public and private enterprise, our team remains committed to boldly advancing the strategic objectives of our clients based on a clear understanding of both traditional and transformative investment options.

It is our expectation that, in the near future, cryptocurrency will join the capital stack alongside cash and equity. Our comprehensive, outcome-focused approach helps us tailor optimal solutions for our clients, from strategic advisory to capital raising.

With the increased focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria, clients can leverage the advice of Quoin’s experienced Sustainability & Renewable Energy team.

Sustainable and Renewable Energy