Realizing the value of innovation: The key to technology investment banking.

Need technology investment banking experts? Quoin has the broad skillset and holistic perspective needed to recognize and secure the full value of innovative solutions created by our clients in the Technology + Media + Telecom (TMT) category.

Whether you need growth capital, are planning an IPO, making an acquisition or exploring a carve-out, Quoin’s seasoned TMT technology investment banking experts will develop a truly comprehensive solution customized for you. Working closely with our financial sponsor team, our TMT professionals deliver significant value and best-in-class execution to our clients. We structure M&A and capital raise deals to get the most value and optimal outcomes for our clients.

The intensely competitive and rapidly changing TMT sector requires abundant—but smart—capital, and generates a great deal of consolidation and spin-off activity. As a minority-owned investment bank, we leverage our experience to acknowledge and quantify the value of diversity, social impact, and other attributes that add value to a company and its products.


  • Software
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  • Internet
  • SaaS / Tech-enabled Businesses

Healthcare Technology

The healthcare industry relies on highly specialized solutions to do important work where privacy and security are paramount. Since the transition to Electronic Health Records (EHR), the industry has gone full speed ahead into telehealth, A.I., and analytics to continuously enhance the delivery of quality care, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Our leading healthcare technology practice focuses on companies that provide a broad range of services to healthcare providers, payors, patients, and consumers. Our clients play a critical role in the evolving model of healthcare addressing the critical need to use technology to improve the quality, consistency, cost-effectiveness, and personalization of healthcare.

Industries / Technology + Media + Telecom

Clients rely on us for our deep sector insights and long-standing relationships with key players and capital providers.

Quoin combines a successful track record in healthcare product development, operations, and strategic partnerships with technology and cybersecurity expertise to evaluate and realize the long-term potential of new and established healthcare technologies.


  • Telehealth
  • mHealth
  • Digital Health
  • Transaction Processing
  • Healthcare Security
  • Tech-Enabled Healthcare Systems
  • Healthcare Informatics

Education Technology

EdTech was already driving the adoption of smart classrooms when the sudden focus on remote learning prioritized a whole new segment of the industry. Combined with ever-increasing data feedback, there is a significant drive behind the tailwinds in the EdTech landscape as it continues to push the boundaries of education.

Our interest in EdTech is not solely due to the amazing learning tools it provides teachers and students, but also in its ability to level the playing field to ensure underserved populations have access to quality education. As an MBE, this sector is very important to our goal of making a positive impact on communities across the US and around the world.

With the increased focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria, clients can leverage the advice of Quoin’s experienced Sustainability & Renewable Energy team.

Sustainable and Renewable Energy