Alexander Zaghloul

Associate Director

Alexander is a member of Quoin Advisors’ investment banking team, focusing on US-based transactions, where he identifies new engagements and assists in deal execution.

Prior to joining Quoin, Alexander worked as a management consultant where he served a variety of clients in the public, fintech and technology sectors. He also has experience in the pharmaceutical industry with Horizon Therapeutics and Viatris assessing macroeconomic risk and developing international expansion and IP protection strategies. 

Alexander holds an MS in International Business and a BBA in Business and Economics from The George Washington University, and is currently a Master in Law candidate at Penn Carey Law School.

African-Specific Experience
  • Conducted research and prepared background materials on West and East African countries as part of the Milken Institute’s developing economy advisory practice
  • Assisted the Milken Institute’s capital market development practice in Nigeria by facilitating discussions on future-flow securitization among local and international investment banks and local regulators