With a background in investment banking and principal investing, Powell has worked with founders and co-investors in various companies in the U.S. and emerging markets with an emphasis on sub-Saharan Africa. He has direct experience as a principal investor in early-stage companies primarily within the mortgage finance and real estate development sectors. His activities have focused on: business plan development; industry/market evaluation; financial modeling; and raising both equity and debt financing.

Along with committing capital, Powell has taken an active role in corporate governance oversight and served on the board of directors of portfolio companies. With over 25 years in the financial services industry – initially with Pryor, Counts & Co. then later as a partner at Broad Cove – his diverse experiences have also included: financial advisory and investment banking services; active fixed-income portfolio management; and real estate portfolio sales.

Powell received a B.A. in Managerial Studies and Political Science with an emphasis in Economics from Rice University. Additionally, he serves as a trustee or director on several non-profit organizations.

African – Specific Experience: