Polaris – Proprietary Multi-Factor Model Scores

Proprietary Multi-Factor Model Scores
February 24, 2022Detailed Analytics for Performance-Focused Guidance
Utilizing Polaris, our proprietary stock-selection framework, Qubit Research, LLC provides detailed market intelligence covering more than 2,000 US equities. Based on a thoroughly back-tested multi-factor model, the emphasis is on helping clients to outperform benchmarks consistently.

Our proprietary model scores as of 2/22/2022, used to rank each stock relative to peers, are contained in the attached Excel workbook. (Select “Download & View Polaris Model Scores” below.) To learn how this detailed analysis can be routinely provided for your client-specified investment universe Join us for our Webinar “How to Beat US Equity Benchmarks Consistently” TODAY, February 24th at 1:00PM or on Wednesday, March 2nd at 11:00AM. To register, click on the corresponding link below.